About Us

If you have come to this site, it is likely because, like us, you love to read. You might even be so passionate as to be a book collector. Our shop is a veritable treasure trove of books and includes everything from literary class3553821659_766ae5a21e_bics to non-fiction titles covering a wide range of topics. If you want to learn more about diet, health, language, travel, sport or wildlife, we have many best-selling books to pique your interest.

We also stock a wide range of second-hand books including many first editions, antiquarian books, signed books and collectable books. One of our specialties is the buying and selling of maps, both modern and historical. Old maps tell us so much about our history, and of course contemporary maps are constantly updated to show new infrastructure and roads.

On this website, you’ll find various articles about authors, great books and literary festivals. If you’re one of those people that would like to read more but never finds the time, we hope to give you that extra little bit of motivation to pick up a book and immerse yourself. Sometimes, intellectual stimulation must take precedence over daily chores. Why not commit to reading a book for an hour each day?

Our collection of 25,000 books constantly evolves. We’re always interested in buying good-quality books of most types, except for some non-fiction books. We don’t buy outdated travel guides or mighty tomes on obsolete topics. Second-hand novels and antiquarian books are usually of interest to us. We also buy and sell encyclopedic collections.

More than anything else, we hope that this site encourages you to read more and get involved in books. Though e-books are easy to buy and store, there is still a great love for the tactile experience of handling and reading a novel.